X-Ray Diffraction spectroscopy (XRD)

The laboratory is equipped with an X-ray diffraction spectrometer which makes it possible to identify the nature of all the crystalline substances of organic and inorganic origin. Especially used for the determination of mineral phases for which it provides the radio-crystallographic signatures, the technique is used following the "powder method" using a Bragg-Brentano configuration with a goniometer equipped with a copper anode tube and a scintillator detector. Fully computerised, the analysis of the diffractograms provides a complete analysis of the analysed samples. The characterisation of the phases is carried out using a computer analysis with the JCPDS (Joint Committee Powder Diffraction Standard) file associated to this system. This method provides precious information in the area of stone (mineral constituents, clayey phases, soluble salts), renders, mortars and concrete (hydraulic bounding minerals) and the corrosion products of stained glass and metals.